The Art Style That Suits You

The amount of art styles that exist in the world is tremendous. Abstract is one of the many varied art styles out there. Abstract is non-object art and the form of art that depicts reality through the usage of shapes, colors, form, as well as gestures in order to achieve the effect. The most recognized type of abstract art are the splatter paintings. Another well known art style is cartoon. Cartoon is a two-dimensional drawing.The artstyle is non-realistic or semi-realistic drawing that leads towards examples that include satire and humor. Cartoons are often used in tv series or movies. Cartoons are also widely used for satire. Another established art style would be pop art that is based on modern day culture.

These are only a select few types of art styles out there, there is much more to explore and discover in order to find the type of style you wish to pursue in the art world. A few practices to find what type of style you wish to use is by observing what art you enjoy to look at. Whatever art style you find fascinating, try out the style and see if you find that making the artwork just as thrilling as seeing the art. Perhaps that is the style you wish to create, or it might not be, but it is worth giving it a try. I encourage you to step out of your boundaries and explore yourself a little.  You may have already found your art style without realizing it.

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