2D Material

When you have decided that you want to work in 2D art you have to consider what that entails. There are many types of media related to 2D art and you’ll have to pick which is best for you. If you choose to work with paint then you must decide which type of paint you want to utilize. Oil, watercolor, acrylic, and tempera are a few examples of the type of paints that you could use. If you can’t decide which is your favorite to use then start by discarding the paint you dislike the most. It is important to note that each of these paints require a different process to use them correctly. If you do not favor paint then there are plenty of other materials to pick from, such as, graphite, charcoal, conte crayon and more. It is suggested that you research the capabilities of your material, so you can pick one that matches what you hope to achieve. 

Once you know your medium, keep in mind the type of material you apply it to otherwise, you could risk ruining your project. Let’s say someone wishes to paint and they apply it to regular paper. Doing this would cause the paper to curl and fold at the corners due to the weight of the paint. When working with paint you should use a canvas or paper specifically made for painting. If you plan to use graphite it would be in your interest to use smooth paper; however, stray away from using smooth paper on charcoal or pastel. The right material for charcoal and pastel is paper that contains rougher texture. Using the incorrect type of material could make your medium worthless. Keep these tips in mind so your artwork does not fall apart and you can make the best artwork possible. 

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