3D material

3D material is a more hands on experience. In most cases you are physically molding the material into a shape, rather than creating the illusions of space and depth. A prime example is using clay to create vases, there is the depth, height, and length in the artwork. Working with three dimensional art pieces allows for a variety of materials to be available. You can create a sword using foam or use hot glue to create a handle for a wand. 3D allows for a different kind of creative freedom. 

As the same case with 2D it is essential to ensure you are using the right type of material when creating artworks. For example, hot glue will not work well against cold glass, there is a chance that the glass might shatter. When planning to glue fabric or thread down it is best to use mod podge glue. Mod podge is good against materials like fabric, as a bonus the glue dries clear as well. There are plenty of tutorials that give advice on what material is best to use when creating an art piece.

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