One of the most difficult parts of having an art career is receiving attention and gaining an audience. Many artists do not obtain the recognition they deserve simply because no one sees them. Most artists do not take the proper steps when displaying their artworks to the world. There are multiple ways to have people notice your art pieces and social media is one of the top options. Social media allows people from all over the world to see your artwork; however, those art pieces can easily become buried among the work of other artists.

There are a few key notes to take when placing an artwork on social media. When managing several types of media, it is best to stick to one name so that it is easier for people to find you on all platforms. Also, if you are on certain sites such as Instagram, keep in mind the hashtags you use because that is how people will find your post. Make hashtags specific and related to your work so that more people will discover your art. Be aware that you must be engaged on the sites you post your work on. Do not overdo yourself by posting your art once a day. People will be overwhelmed and not want to keep track of your art, plus you will run out of material. At the same time, do not wait three months to post an artwork. Try to stick with a post once a week if you can, if not go for every other week. It makes you have a steady flow of new work and viewers will appreciate knowing when there will be new content. 

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