Value Your Art

As an artist, you may struggle to put a price tag on your artwork. Finding out the amount of money an art piece is worth is challenging. It can be easy to overprice or underprice your work. It is likely you’ve poured grueling hours into a single artwork, which may make you want to ask for quite a sum of money for that artwork. However, the customer could easily have the inability to afford your artwork if you are not careful. If you are a new artist it can be easy to underprice your work, because you may not obtain clients easily, but doing this would only harm you in the future. People will grow used to you doing a job for a low price, so do not let others take advantage of you. It can be tricky, but you must learn to stay within a reasonable price range for you and your customers.   

Find a proper way to price your artwork. One way to look at pricing is by putting an hourly wage when you work on an art piece. After deciding what would be a good hourly wage consider the cost of the materials. Materials can raise the price of your artwork quickly. The price of an artwork will depend on how much time you spend on the drawing. Get an idea of how long the art piece will take to make to give your client an idea on how much it will cost them.

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